In 2022, the association will be 15 years old. In the meantime, we have 3 schools that we finance and support (mostly from afar).

Our chairman, Detlef Gründel, who has been in office since the association was founded (a big thank you to you, Detlef!) recalls the past years with these reflections

Our association was founded in 2007. The school in Patan started in 2008. Both dates are a good reason to celebrate a little jubilee - looking back what has happened since then and having a preview to the future to come:

  • Meanwhile the tour to Nepal is history. The visiting group celebrated the 10-jears-jubilee with teachers & students in Patan. Afterwards, our president, Detlef Gründel, & a 2nd member of our association visited the new Saraswati-School. A more detailed report on both events can be read here.

  • A tour to Nepal is planned for October 2018. As highlight we will be part of the jubilee's celebration party. More information regarding the trip can be found here (in German only).

  • Detlef Gründel, our chairman, gave an interview in August 2117. The article dealing with the history and the upcoming jubilee can be read (in German only).

  • A little video looks back to the 1st 10 years. You can view it (German only)  from here directly or load it down (be aware that 500 MB will take a while).

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