4th issue of Mahadevi News in 2020 released - annual board of management report. Read here the text.





Mr. Anupendra, head of our school, writes:
"I am sorry that.... It looks like , I am begging all the time.... but I am happy because I am asking help for  women and their families and kids. I hope for your generous understanding."
Our association financed since March already 3 times relief aid for famlies: food, fuel or rent, ca 2,000€ each.

From Oct, 17th, Nepal celebrates, like every year, its Dashain-Festival (s Wikipedia). Nepal is still suffering severly from Corona-restrictions & associated economic problems. The majority of our scholars & their families, for lack of financial resources, have little opportunity if any to celebrate Dashain. This big festival could be a good occasion to continue our support with your donation.

Once more Mr. Anupendra:
"Yes , Dashain festival is coming soon and since people have no regular job in this crisis.. .. their family and kids are having hard time especially to celebrate the festival. Of course this time nobody will celebrate as care-free as before but still new dress, meat and some more good food is the expectation of all. So we can help with some money for these things and also with some rent ...for about 20 families.... same amount like the third rate should be sufficient. Or little less. As you wish. It's like a Christmas for them. It would be a great gift for sure in this festival."

We ask, in the name of our board & the needy families in Nepal, for your kind & generous donation on our association's banking account:
Verein Mahadevi e.V.
IBAN: DE05 6025 0010 0015 0415 66 & BIC: SOLADES1WBN
Subject: Dashain_Hilfe
It would be great to receive your donation until 10/12 as the family festival will start by mid October.

Thank you very much.

Once a year the members of our association are invited to participate in a excursion. This year we were 14 hikers. For more details see German version.

3rd issue of Mahadevi News in 2020 released. Read here the text.





Our banking account for donations
Verein Mahadevi e.V. IBAN: DE05 6025 0010 0015 0415 66 & BIC: SOLADES1WBN
Mahadevi e. V. is non-profitable. Donations can be offset against tax.