CARLEZMER plays celtic music from Ireland & other landscapes with a celtic tradition in Western-Europe. Klezmer & other music pieces from jewish people is another favorite they perform.

For more details see the German text..

2nd issue of Mahadevi News in 2022 released. Read here the text.

1st issue of Mahadevi News in 2022 released. Read here the text.

Dear friends, supporters and people interested in our work in Nepal,
This year, as almost everywhere in the world, Corona affected the health, economic and social life of the people in Nepal. The number of people infected with Corona is currently decreasing in Nepal.

The three women's schools - Mahadevi in the Kathmandu valley and Laxmi and Saraswati in the mountains - had to close for a few months. The teachers continued to look after the students during the lockdown, as long as they were reachable. They deserve a lot of thanks for this.

We were very surprised and pleased about the many donations for the "Corona Aid" (overview of the aid: here).  The suffering of many families who were in need because of Corona could thus be alleviated somewhat. Our thanks go to our cooperation partners in Nepal, Ms Beena, Mr Anupendra and Mr Robin, who showed great commitment in distributing the relief supplies. Many, many thanks.
Due to Corona, some Nepali classes were cancelled. However, the basic courses are still well attended. We will continue our cooperation in Nepal.

Fortunately, the Georg Kraus Foundation has been supporting the sewing courses at the Mahadevi Women's School for 10 years. Many thanks to the foundation team. Sewing and tailoring courses are also planned for the women of the Sariswati School.

Secretary Barbara Erhardt and 1st chairperson Detlef Gründel were reelected for two years in November.

In the villages there are still many women with no or insufficient school education.
With your help we can help even more women and families. We are very happy about every new member of the association.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and much health, love and strength for 2022.
The world needs solidarity for the challenges of our time.
Only together we can solve problems. Egoism does not help.
Stay with us.

*** due to Corona-situation postponed - new date planned: Sa, 11/26/2022***

Already a tradition: once a year our association organizes a concert with BOB (Beatles of Baltemore). The benefit of the concert is used to support the schools in Nepal. For more details see German version.

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