While in Germany the Corona-numbers are decreasing & vaccinations are making progress, as in other rich countries, the situation in many countries of the so-called "Third World" is more than precarious. In addition to the health risks, the completely overburdened health systems, political & administrative incompetence & corruption, there are the worsening social problems.

That is why we, as a small association with a few dozen members, have helped several times since March 2020 with monetary donations. Our trusted local partners have bought food, gas, sanitary and medical supplies for everyday use and distributed them to the needy families known to them. These are mainly the families of the women who go to our schools & (an additional private contribution) the employees of a company that offers trekking tours & has not received any orders for almost 1 1/2 years.

Appeal for donations:

So help is still needed - every Euro counts!
Donation account: Verein Mahadevi e.V., IBAN: DE05 6025 0010 0015 0415 66 & BIC: SOLADES1WBN
Donation receipt: if you would like a receipt for the tax office, please note this in the subject of your transfer, including your postal address.

Review of aid to date:

As of the beginning of June 2021, we have helped with these amounts = Total: 22,949€ - thank you to everyone who has donated so far.

  • Corona aid to the students of Mahadevi Schools & their families via Anupendra:
Nr Date

Amount in €

1 14.04.2020   2,250
2 11.05.2020   2,250
3 27.07.2020   2,250
4 08.10.2020   2,250
5 01.02.2021   2,500
6 23.04.2021   2,500
  Sum 14,000










  • Corona aid to the guides & their families via Robin:
Nr Date

Amoun in €

1 23.03.2020 1,476
2 08.04.2020 1,994
3 30.06.2020 1,495
4 28.07.2020 2.034
5 01.02.2021    950
6 28.09.2021 1,000
  Sum 8,949











1st issue of Mahadevi News in 2021 released. Read here the text.





WeltLaden Plochingen supports us with a call for donations in favour of Mahadevi. Read the text (in German only).

We addressed local newspapers to help us help the people in Nepal: the article describes the situation in Nepal & asks for donations (Banking Account s below on this page). Read the text (in German only).

In December 2020 the yearly association's meeting (virtually via Interne) took place. We had to elect the Board of Management:

  • Ulrike Hemminger, vice-president for many years, was not a candidate any more.

  • As new vice-president Beate Ternberger was unanimously elected.

Thank you very much, Ulrike, for your devoted work. She continues being a member & will be member in the new advisory board. Her "Good-bye"-letter.

We warmly welcome Beate & wish her for the new task success & much fun; her "Hello"-letter.

Our banking account for donations
Verein Mahadevi e.V. IBAN: DE05 6025 0010 0015 0415 66 & BIC: SOLADES1WBN
Mahadevi e. V. is non-profitable. Donations can be offset against tax.