In February 2024, a long-cherished wish came true:
The Saraswati School has been in existence since 2018 & soon after opening, the women asked if a sewing class could be set up at their school, just like at the Mahadevi School in Kathmandu.
Our board visited the schools in April 2023 & was able to find a room for sewing lessons in Valche Gaun as well as a local confidant, Buddha Ghale, who organised the room renovation, as well as the procurement & installation of the sewing machines.
On 5 February 2024, we received the news that the first sewing lesson had taken place.
Older & current photos of Valche Gaun in the gallery, the description of the school in on our school page.
Not to forget - a big thank you to the Georg Kraus Foundation (-> link available in German only), which has been co-financing our sewing classes for years.

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