The Saraswati School in Valche Gaun (60 km north-west of Kathmandu) is the 1st school we have opened outside the Kathmandu Valley. It started operations in April 2018. Here we introduce some of the students & the teacher. In addition, 2 men who support us in our work on site:


Shanta Maya Tamang, 30 years old
She comes from a large family with 6 siblings, 2 of whom have already died. She reports major financial problems in her childhood.
Married at 25. 2 children, 5 and 3 years old. Her husband lives and works in the village and runs a small shop.
She wants to learn so that she can support the children.
Shanta has already attended a public school up to grade 6.
Unfortunately, she is not always able to come to school regularly, but Shanta is keen to continue.


Sabina Biki, 23 years old
She comes from another village, the family had considerable financial problems.
1 child. Her husband has been working in Dubai for 14 months, supporting his wife.
She has not yet attended school. 
Sabina would like to study at the Saraswati School so that she can earn money herself later on.

Pamfa Biki, 26 years old
Comes from another village. Attended school until marriage at the age of 15.
2 daughters, 9 and 6 years old. Her husband works here as a metalworker. Also repairs things at school when needed (e.g. the electrics). He expressly supports her school attendance.
Pamfa is preparing for her exams, graduating from a public school in 6 months with the 6th grade.



Dev Maya Ghale, 65 years old
Was illiterate, there used to be no school in Valche Ghaun.
She is supported by the community. Sells small items.
Dev has been in Saraswati since the beginning of 2018.
She used to sign with her thumbprint, now she can sign in Nepali and also in English. She can count.
Her motivation? She wants to be more independent.



Tamika Maya Tamang, 33 years, teacher in Saraswati-School
She has 2 sons, 12 and 10 years old. Living in divorce.
Has been teaching at the Saraswati School since the beginning. Very reliable, very empathetic teacher.




Buddha Ghale, 42 years old
Originally from Valche Gaun, works as a guide. Originally illiterate, did some courses. Since then and through dealing with customers, Buddha speaks some English, can read, write and do maths.
Contact person for Robin & us in the mountain schools. Travels regularly to his home village. His parents live there and he also owns an almost new house there.



Pashupati Ghale, 
Wardman / Mayor in Valche Gaun since autumn 2022.
Highly appreciates what we do with the school in Valche Gaun.
Is very grateful for this & supports us.



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