The Lakshmi School, our 3rd project, in Nyuchet Gaun, about 60 km north-west of Kathmandu, has been open since the beginning of March 2020. Here we introduce some of the students & the teacher:


Dawa Rani Ghale, 29 years old
She was born in Valche. Married at 20. 3 children: 8, 7 and 2 years. Her husband has been working in Malaysia since March 2023.
It was not possible for Dawa to attend school regularly: her mother died when she was 9 years old and she had to look after her 2-year-old brother (!). Father drank, "sometimes he gave money".
Why do I attend the Lakshmi School? I want to use the opportunity to learn, write, read and send messages on my smartphone. 
"I've been there from the beginning, since 2020."


Bisu Tamang, 43 years old
Born in Nyuchet. Bisu grew up with 7 siblings. She is the eldest and had to help in the household and in the fields.
Married at 23, 2 children, a daughter aged 21 and a son aged 19, who live at home.
The husband is 48 years old and works here in construction.
She didn't go to school because she didn't know there were schools (!?) - according to her.
My motivation to attend the Lakshmi School: "I want to be able to shop in the city without fear, so I want to be able to read and do all the maths."
"I've been going to Lalshmi School from the beginning."

Mangli Tamang, 50 years old
She comes from a different village. When she was 8 years old, her father died and her mother was unable to support her. She has a sister and a brother.
She was married here at the age of 15. Her husband works as a farmer in the village.
She has 4 sons aged between 20 and 30, one lives in the village, one in Kathmandu, one son lives and works in Dubai and one in Malaysia.
She has enjoyed coming to school since the start of 2020: "Learning is like a sunshine".
Her husband checks that she is actually going to school. 
Mangli's motivation: "I want to learn to improve my situation, my life."



Dawa Sang, 50 years old
She could not afford to go to school in her youth because of her family situation.
Married, 3 children (30 y. farmer, in Nuchet), 28 (daughter) and another son 22 y. (studying in Kathmandu).
Her husband is 53 years old, farmer. He helps her with her studies, can read and write a little.
She has been attending school from the beginning. She still feels insecure, but she knows that reading and writing improves her life - e.g. she can compare prices in the market or use her mobile phone.
Dawa says: "To learn reading and writing is like a blessing!"



Remika Tamang, teacher at Lakshmi-School




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