Our 1st school, the MWEC (Mahadevi Women Education Centre) in Nakhipot (greater Kathmandu area), has been in existence since 2008. Here we introduce some of the students & the teacher of the sewing class:


Bimilee Shah, 32 years old

3 children, 15, 14 and 8 years old

Married at 15, comes from the Terai like her husband. He works as a tiler in Patan. Did not attend school until recently - as a teenager she had to look after the family cows.
Mrs Shah is currently in the sewing class and is waiting for a place in the literacy class.
"Before I came to Mahadevi School, there was nothing in my head. Now it is filling up. I feel much more comfortable since then."
Why do I go to the MWEC school? "I want to be more independent."


Gyanu Khadgi, 35 years oldSewing teacher at Mahadevi School

Married at the age of 16. 3 children (2 daughters, already grown up, 1 son), she also has grandchildren.
Has been teaching at Mahadevi School for 1 year. Gyanu speaks English.
She likes to work together with the students in the Sewing group. She enjoys her time at Mahadevi.
Future plans: She hopes that teaching the students will give her more inspiration for her life, e.g. more activities, greater self-confidence. She would like to be able to go outside more easily.
Gyanu would also like to help her grandchildren.


Mira Sangdal, 55 years

Married at the age of 13. 5 children (2 daughters live in the USA, 3 sons), 7 grandchildren
She has been at Mahadevi School for 1 year and has mastered the Nepali alphabet, speaks some English, maths from 1 -100.
Mira likes learning together in a group.
My goals: "I want to help my grandchildren. I want to look for a job after school.
I find the Friday activities very helpful."
"Unfortunately, I can't attend a sewing course because of my eyes."



Narayani Thapa, 40 years old

Married at the age of 16. 2 children, 22 and 13 years old. The older child works in Australia. The husband works in Nepal in cattle feed production.
She has little knowledge, did not attend school before, comes from Patan.
Has been at Mahadevi School for 4 months & is currently attending the basic courses in Nepali, maths and English.
She really wants to reach the higher levels of the other courses.




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